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Who makes the best magnetic lashes?

Magnetic eyelashes are all the rage now — they’re easier to apply than traditional false lashes, and are a budget-friendly alternative. Unfortunately, not all brands are created equal.

Some magnetic lashes that I bought from Ulta in Pearl Highlands.

I want to be clear that I’m talking about false eyelashes that have magnets along the lash line, which stick to metallic eyeliner. These are NOT the eyelashes that have two lets of magnets that sandwich your real lashes. Also, the fact that all of these sets are under $20 is the selling point for me; it’s hard to justify a set for $100.

I’ve tried several brands of magnetic lashes over the last few months, so I think I’m at a point where I can give you a pretty comprehensive review. People have asked what my favorite brand is, but the answer is: It’s complicated.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found any one brand where the eyeliner AND the magnet are strong, so I usually use eyeliner from one brand and lashes from another. Here’s my collab review with beauty writer Nadine Kam:

Hope that answers your questions about magnetic lashes! As for how I use them: In the future, when I travel for television shows like Doko Ga TV, I’ll probably get eyelash extensions for the trip, and use magnetic lashes later when the extensions fall out.

Here are some links to the lashes I bought on Amazon so you can see for yourself. Vassoul is the original brand I purchased in which the eyeliner is terrific, but the lashes were so ridiculous that I threw them away. Coolours lash magnets are nice and strong, but the eyeliner is super weak! I later bought the wispier Lamix lashes, which are nicer, but for some reason aren’t very comfortable (they’re kind of poky on my eyelid). Luxillia’s lashes are also more wispy than Coolours, but the magnets aren’t as strong.

I like the gel eyeliner in Ardell’s magnetic lashes, but it’s not as strong as Vassoul’s liner. Still a good alternative, though. The Ardell lashes that I bought were too “natural” for me, but they do have many different styles. Eyelure’s half-lid lashes and liner were not bad, but for ME, the effect was too fake because the lash line was so severe and bold.

What brands have you tried? Which do you like?

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