Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Video: Nonstop Honolulu/Hawaii: IRL Year in Review

If you would like to see the first segment, check it out here on Nonstop Honolulu.

One thought on “Video: Nonstop Honolulu/Hawaii: IRL Year in Review

  • Delicate Blossom & DS: Very good recap and chat. As a small biz, it may be interesting to hear and see from some of the long standing small biz in Hawaii. What makes them successful and long lived. Over the years we have seen many long time biz fold due to no interest by family, lease was up, just tired, cost rising, etc. What makes a biz a self sustaining entity…is it relevance, is it capital, is it staff, is it timing, is it ???? To me the essence deals with leadership…how does the leader keep the biz in the biz? Why not give us the “fuud” that makes what you report on viable? It should not only be the products and services, rather, the strategic elements that facilitate the sustainablity of the biz. Knowing some of this should help your biz be as sustainable and relevant.


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