Monday, May 20, 2024

#tofukatsu Tweetup @AlohaGadgetGal @ryannamba @kaimanapine @rickyli99 @rsuenaga @trulyjoannies @hawaean @funhiguy @greggoh @LaurieCicotello @ChrisHall78 @fchoe @carmillelim @ryankanno @madmarv at Kunawai Spring (Photo by @madmarv)

Back: @funhiguy, @greggoh, @LaurieCicotello, @ChrisHall78, @fchoe, @carmillelim, @ryannamba, @madmarv

Front: @AlohaGadgetGal@ryankanno, @kaimanapine, @rickyli99, @rsuenaga, @trulyjoannies, @hawaean

One thought on “#tofukatsu Tweetup @AlohaGadgetGal @ryannamba @kaimanapine @rickyli99 @rsuenaga @trulyjoannies @hawaean @funhiguy @greggoh @LaurieCicotello @ChrisHall78 @fchoe @carmillelim @ryankanno @madmarv at Kunawai Spring (Photo by @madmarv)

  • It was a pleasure to share a special place with some awesome tweeps! Mahalo for the good times, and mahalo to Kyle (@madmarv) for always capturing and sharing the moments via photograph. Aloha!


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