Thursday, June 20, 2024

Video: Sing Cheong Yuan Bakery with @melissa808 and @lianaaaaaaaa

If you would like to see the Nonstop Honolulu segment, click here.

One thought on “Video: Sing Cheong Yuan Bakery with @melissa808 and @lianaaaaaaaa

  • Melissa, I always enjoyed your Hawaii Now segments but this one on Sing Cheong Yuan I felt not happy. Due to so many non Chinese always thought Taoists and Buddhist are the same but it is not at all.
    People who attend Kwan Ying Temple in Honolulu like my family feel owner should know better than to say food offerings to bring to Buddhist temple but only Taoists does that. She does not own culture.

    Many non Chinese and Asians are mislead by her. Taoists is true Chinese reglion while Buddhist is from India.


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