Thursday, June 20, 2024

Here, live! @melissa808 Goes Over the Edge Today (11/12/09)!

This is the video feed of @melissa808 rappelling down the side of the Sheraton Waikiki. Well it should have been but we think her body heat shut off the mic after she went over the edge and then shut down the video transmit. But we have some of it!

I don’t think anyone will be manning the live chat and I hope no one gets motion sickness because we plan to strap the camera/phone to her back to catch the descent.

If you’re wondering why she’s doing it, you can see her explanation here.

Here is the video from @thestuffguy’s helmet cam that @melissa808 wore that day.

2 thoughts on “Here, live! @melissa808 Goes Over the Edge Today (11/12/09)!

  • Awesome! Mahalo for posting the footage, I so hope to do this next year if this event happens again. Aloha!


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