Sunday, June 16, 2024

Hawaii IRL Video: @melissa808 visits with @koalohauke

Hawaii IRL goes to KoAloha Ukulele and visits with Alan Okami (@koalohauke)

If you’d like to see the Nonstop Honolulu segment, click here.

One thought on “Hawaii IRL Video: @melissa808 visits with @koalohauke

  • Delicate Blossom: Thanks for sharing. Amidst all the fun and frivolity, Alan has developed a leadership mantra which is quite interesting. While not totally unique, it does have his stamp. He is very much like Papa but you can hear much of Pat as he explains his operating philosophy. It is refreshing to hear of a successful local business that gets it right without putting on airs. Our short history has seen many local businesses succeed and grow, only to fail because of a lack of vision, albeit a vision that perhaps greatly exceeded reality in a business sense. Growth is good only if it channels energy and creates a better organization. I think Alan understands that…being big is not the key to success. Happiness at work is the key to success.


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