Thursday, June 20, 2024

Hawaii: IRL Goes to Caffeine Addict (@ACaffeineAddict) Ep XLI

@melissa808 visits with @acaffeineaddict to learn more about their new concept of a “coffee shop”.

To see @melissa808 get her groove on, check out her Nonstop Honolulu segment here.

Also check out the highlights of @melissa808 and @parkrat playing ping pong. And also a short clip of @nctrnlbst bowling.

Better watch out what you do in front of that camera! @melissa808 and @parkrat didn’t know there would be “highlights” recorded from their ping pong game!

@nctrnlbst Kinect bowling

One thought on “Hawaii: IRL Goes to Caffeine Addict (@ACaffeineAddict) Ep XLI

  • Haahaaa! I love Melissa’s surprised expression when she realized Kinect was recording ‘highlights’ 😀
    Nice Foodspotting shirt, @Nctrnlbst !


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