Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Celebrate the Paw-lidays with Dogtown Bakery Kailua!

The holidays are in full swing and as usual, I’m going to be Christmas shopping at the last minute. Now that I’m at the age where most of my friends have fur babies, I find myself buying gifts for their dogs instead of them. Local treats are my favorite thing to buy my dog, so I’ve been stocking up to give my friends’ dogs some sample packs for Christmas! I’ve been going to Kailua Town a lot recently and have made it a habit to stop by DogTown Bakery to get something for my dog on the way home. It’s become something that I look forward to every time!

My dog, Arabiki, wondering why he’s in the air and not in the bakery.

On our most recent visit, we were welcomed with tons of Christmas-themed treats, toys, and decorations! It was a paw-liday dream for dogs big and small. I let my dog smell around and pick out a toy while I restocked on our favorite Ahi Bark. I also decided to try out the Peanut Butter treats this time. What I love about the treats at DogTown is that they’re locally made with no preservatives, and are all-natural and organic. They’re nutrient-dense so you know that your pup is getting what they need! Regular store-bought treats aren’t that great and often contain un-needed fillers and extra calories that we shouldn’t be giving to our furry friends. My dog loves them and I’m sure that his fur-iends will love them just as much!

On our way out, we got a pupsicle to snack on since it was such a hot and sunny day. The shop only had two flavors that day, but the person working told me that they have a bunch of flavors during the summer! My dog enjoyed it so much and it was so cute watching him eat it! We’ll be back soon with more reviews about doggie bakeries we visit and treats we try!

Enjoying a pupsicle on a hot day.

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