Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Baby’s First Christmas

The house is a disaster (I didn’t realize it was possible to have so much STUFF… it’s like Target’s toy section threw up in my living room). The baby doesn’t want to take his afternoon nap. And I have a million things to do. So of course now is the perfect time to write my second blog post of the year… Merry Christmas to you!

Someone must have been *extra* good this year because she got everything she asked for. The baby slept in till 7:30 am. Todd indulged me and wore rediculous matching pjs with us. A prime rib is smoking outside for dinner as we speak. And most importantly, E had a wonderful first Christmas (which at the rate that we’re opening presents will go on till the new year). Also, I heard there is a wine fridge scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. 

It’s true that many things — but I think especially the holidays — are so much more special when you have a little one. 

Since E hasn’t opened all of his gifts yet I can’t say for sure which ones will be a hit, but for gifts for our baby friends we tried to do a combo of one practical and one “fun” gift. Because now as a mom, I’m all about the practicality (sorry to my friends for all the years of rediculous gifts their kids got!). We did a lot of books, pjs and educational toys. And almost everything is from Target (because hello, drive up service… also, what did people do before they could buy something on their phone and then drive up to Target and have it delivered directly to their trunk?!). So if you got something from us you know where to return it. 🙂

Here were some of the favorite things E gifted this year to his other baby friends (so spoiler alert, don’t keep reading if you haven’t opened your gifts yet!):

  • Pajamas. Because if you are anything like our baby, you are constantly growing out of them. And who doesn’t love Harry Potter? No one.
  • Linkimals. Almost every baby on my list got one. Mostly because I thought these were so cute and got the whole set for E. If you press a button they all make music or noises and light up. E mostly loves the hedgehog one because it has a string he can eat. *eye roll*
  • Books. I always love giving books they’re educational and really can you ever have too many books? I went with a Christmas theme for the most part because even if you can’t read them all year long at least you have them ready to go for next year!
  • Legos. I don’t remember the exact ones I got but Legos are a gift that never really seem to go out of style and all kids love (and I know of some parents who love them too).

From our fam to yours, a very Mele Kalikimaka!

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