Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Ambushed! Sneak Attack on @wehearthawaii by @parkrat (Photos by @mel808)

<a href=@wehearthawaii" width="1024" height="680" />
If he only knew what awaited him…

<a href=@wehearthawaii" width="531" height="800" />
<a href=@wehearthawaii (@parkrat)" width="1024" height="680" />
Notice the @parkrat lurking on the left corner of the pic ready to strike.

<a href=@wehearthawaii (@parkrat)" width="1024" height="680" />
Success! @wehearthawaii was taken completely off-guard.

2 thoughts on “Ambushed! Sneak Attack on @wehearthawaii by @parkrat (Photos by @mel808)

  • OMG! LOL!!! What a great series of photos !

  • Ok, ok, I get it. I added your credit to the title. Hahaha.


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