Saturday, December 9, 2023

A Trip to Jung’s Shave Ice with @kaimanapine @gypsyraven @lauriecicotello @alohabruce (Photos by @melissa808)

 [twitpic id=x61t6 size=full]Photo of @kaimanapine

[twitpic id=x61jy size=full]Photo of @lauriecicotello

[twitpic id=x612a size=full]Photo of @alohabruce

[twitpic id=x627a size=full]Photo of @gypsyraven


One thought on “A Trip to Jung’s Shave Ice with @kaimanapine @gypsyraven @lauriecicotello @alohabruce (Photos by @melissa808)

  • Very cool! I had a blast, and better yet Jung’s Shave Ice is, fluffy, ice cream and snow cap is deelish, syrup generous and oh-so-cheap! Awesome photos by @melissa808 🙂


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