Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Welcome to The Periodic Table!

I decided to start this new blog within our site to have an easily archived, searchable area dedicated just to recipes. Not just any recipes; these will be things you can actually cook at home, using easily accessible ingredients.

Through the need to stay home, the coronavirus pandemic revealed one big weakness in our lives: many people only have about five dishes in their cooking repertoire, of which one is often shoyu chicken.

Maybe you’ll look at ingredients you already have, in a different way.

I tried to explain to my appalled chef friends that many people are now learning (or re-learning) how to cook from square one. But for those, like me, who are used to eating out all the time, we want to make things that will stimulate our palates every so often. We love our comfort foods, but our worlds have changed since we discovered the world of dining. So I hope this blog will help cover all of those bases.

I’m going to feature chefs making things that you can easily replicate. I’m going to feature home cooks like me, who can make impressive #QuarantineCooking dishes. We’re going to explore some semi-homemade favorites. And best of all, we are also going to take simple ingredients from your fridge or pantry, and repurpose them into new dishes to impress your family (or just yourself).

If you’re a reader and would like to submit a tested recipe, drop me a line!

Now…let’s get cooking!

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