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Sneak peek: Sweet Creams’ new lemon peel sherbet

Lemon peel sherbet at Sweet Creams
Sweet Creams’ new lemon peel sherbet ($4) debuts this Saturday.

Earlier this summer, I showed you a preview of Sweet Creams’ lemon peel gummy bear popsicles, and since then, they’ve been rolling out new cool treats for people to enjoy at home. The series of lockdowns has people wanting sweet treats, and the hot weather calls for immediate relief.

Other than popsicles, owner Jeff Kao has been selling ice cake-style sherbets. His wife often makes ice cakes as refreshments for his kids’ soccer games, and he decided to create his own for the shop.

These cold treats are much like traditional ice cakes in that they are frozen pretty solid (which is a good thing, since you need them to stay frozen as you drive them home). When you take them out, you need to let them sit for five to 10 minutes, and then you can start to scrape them. If you let them stand out longer, they get melty enough to eat like ice cream.

I got an exclusive sneak peek of the new lemon peel sherbet, which debuts this Saturday at Sweet Creams‘ Kona St. and Pearlridge Center locations, but I’m going to tell you what the other flavors taste like, too.

Sweet Creams sherbet assortment
Sweet Creams sherbet assortment, clockwise from top left: Li hing POG, lemon peel, strawberry, li hing coke, orange.

I get to preview these crack seed-themed items because I worked for Crack Seed Center Ala Moana through high school and college, and I can confidently say I have the palate for it. The lemon peel sherbet is really fun! It has chunks of lemon peel in it for texture, and as it softens, the pucker factor increases. It’s not strong like Sour Patch candies — it’s pleasantly tart with an underlying hint of sweetness and even creaminess.

The classic strawberry was meant to mimic Maui’s famous Guri Guri, but this is better! The flavor is more reminiscent of fresh strawberries, whereas Guri Guri is creamier.

Many people are familiar with lemon Coke, so the li hing Coke is a riff on that. I’ll admit, I’m not as crazy about lemon peel gummy candies — they’re good, but not my favorite — but I love lemon peel gummy colas. This sherbet is a bit like that.

The orange is very mellow and tastes like creamsicle, but lighter. It’s very easy to eat. Too easy.

I didn’t know what to expect with the li hing POG (passion orange guava) but it was good and very distinctly different from other POG products. The most pronounced flavor in this one is guava (and I love guava juice).

I didn’t get to try Calpico, because it’s very popular and they were sold out. But Kao said it tastes like a cross between Calpico and the Yakult yogurt drink, which the kids really like.

All sherbets are available for $4 at Sweet Creams‘ Pearlridge kiosk and their Ala Moana store on Kona St.

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