Monday, May 20, 2024
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Preview: Will Chen’s dumpling pop up

The tables have turned! Usually chef Brandon Lee videos me and chef Will Chen eating his food and making comments. This time, Will cooked some dumplings for us while Brandon and I ate. Wang Chungs owner Danny Chang also joined us, since the dumplings will be featured at his karaoke bar this weekend.

Will Chen’s chilled Shanghai dumplings, $10.

Will is a great chef, from fancy plated entrees all the way to condiments like bacon jam. If you haven’t tasted his talent, this is your big chance!

Crab rangoon, $10.

He’ll be making an array of dumplings at Wang Chungs on Thursday, March 12, from 5 p.m. until he sells out. Each serving is $10, cash only, and you can get it at Wang Chung’s “secret window.”

Vegan gyoza, $10.

We got to try three of them recently: chilled Shanghai pork dumplings, crab rangoon, and vegan gyoza. These are great to have while you’re drinking and/or singing karaoke. Honestly, they’re good enough to just eat for no reason. After we shot this video, I ordered some dumplings for myself so I wouldn’t have to share.

Warning: This is a karaoke bar! So that’s what you hear in the background. LOL.

If you’d like to try Will’s “Ugly Dumpling” pop up, he’ll be at Wang Chung’s this Thursday, March 12, from 5 p.m. until he’s sold out. All dumplings are cooked to order, so they’re hot and fresh. If he has any dumplings left over, he’ll extend to Friday and Saturday.

And if you miss the pop up, you can always head to Wangs for Drag Brunch on Sunday!

Will Chen’s “Ugly Dumpling” pop up
Thursday, March 12 ~ 5 p.m. until he sells out
Wang Chung’s
2424 Koa Ave. (lobby of the Stay Hotel)

To see photos from Will’s last pop up, click here.

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