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One Mom’s Wishes for 2020

It was a heck of a year (and I don’t say that lightly). We moved into our new home, welcomed a teensy tiny baby (seriously, he was 6.4lbs) and managed to keep him alive for more than 9 months… in between T moved jobs twice, we successfully took E on his first plane ride to visit his Arizona grandma and I survived four nights on my own with E. That’s in addition to the dozens of other little things (continuing to fix up the house, dealing multiple visits to the vet for Naiya, continuing to run my own business from home with an infant… etc etc etc). 

But if its even possible to look ahead and plan more than a few days in advance here are a few things we (not just me, E and T are included too!) would like to accomplish in 2020. 

  • Blog more. Hopefully at least twice a month. Here and for Hawaii Mom Blog so Gem doesn’t fire me. With this post, I’d say I’m off to a good start, yay me.
  • Read more. I say this every year but in 2019 TECHNICALLY I did read more books. I mean, they were board books more suited for eating than reading — though some weren’t half bad. But maybe this year I’ll read some that were written for an adult audience. With paper pages. And don’t have bite marks on them. 
  • Sleep more. Can that be a new year’s resolution? I guess it can for E. He’s a great sleeper so we really can’t complain too much… but it never hurts to ask.
  • Plan a party (and not die). Part of my job occasionally includes event-planning. Which is why I hate doing it for myself. And this just reminded me I need to start plan E’s first birthday. Surviving that — and not driving T crazy in the process — is another new year’s resolution though it’s also the one which I have the least hope of accomplishing. 
  • Play more. E is at the perfect age and I can’t wait to be able to set him up outside with the slide he got for Christmas and some other toys for him to romp in the backyard. Really, the yard is one of the main reasons we chose this house and I can’t wait to have E to put it to use!
  • We will try our very best not to buy any new houses or bring anything with a mouth to feed home. In particular puppies and babies. Those are both a lot of work. You’re welcome, T.

Also, maybe 2020 will be the year that people say E looks more like his mom than his dad (I did grow him after all). Or maybe it won’t. At least I can always have something to look forward to in 2021.

Happy New Year!

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