Thursday, February 22, 2024
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New: Sweet Creams lemon peel gummy bear popsicles

If you’re local, you know about how lemon peel gummy bears are a super trendy snack. People love the lemony, slightly salty flavor grated over their sweet gummy candies.

(For the record, I prefer lemon peel gummy colas.)

Well, just in time for summer, Sweet Creams — the company that brought roll-up ice cream company to Hawaii — came up with yet another fun new creation: Lemon peel gummy bear popsicles. And they’re just $2.75.

I was the first customer of the day at Pearlridge when they unveiled this on Sunday.

Most of the pop is like a water-based sorbet (I say “like” because I don’t know what’s in it) filled with flecks of finely grated lemon peel. There’s a splash of ice cream, and some gummy bears suspended in the mix.

Keep in mind that my PERSONAL tastebuds tend to prefer stronger lemon peel/li hing flavor because of all the years I worked at Crack Seed Center Ala Moana, as demonstrated in this video about the li hing float sherbet from Asato Family. I want the flavor to bust my saliva glands. You li hing mui aficionados know what I mean! So if you’re like me, you’ll want stronger flavor. This popsicle is good for a mass audience, including kids.

But overall, I liked it, and I thought it was worth the $2.75 — in fact, I told owner Jeffrey Kao that I was prepared to pay $4 something because I know it’s a novelty (plus you know how expensive lemon peel gummies are at the store).

Jeffrey says they’ve been getting positive feedback so far. But keep watching their social media, because they plan to roll out more popsicle flavors this summer!

Lemon peel gummy bear popsicles are available at the Sweet Creams Pearlridge kiosk and their Ala Moana (Kona St.) store.

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