Monday, May 20, 2024

Merry My MIL Grab Bag!

On our way to the Yoshida Ohana Christmas Lunch the other day we stopped to pickup our potluck contribution at a Chinese restaurant in our neighborhood. My wife and son went into the restaurant while I waited in the car with my MIL. The following is just a small glimpse of what it was like in the car on what turned out to be an hour long wait for their return.

Me: So what’s been going on with you?

MIL: *excitedly* We did grab bags at Malama (her adult day care) the other day. If you bring a grab bag gift you can get a grab bag gift.

Me: So did you bring something?

MIL: YES! Kim (my SIL, her daughter) made a grab bag gift for me to bring. I didn’t see what she wrapped up so I REALLY wanted to get THAT gift!

Kim is so generous and she doesn’t follow the rules so I know she spent more than the $10.00 limit on it.


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