How freelancers in Hawaii are surviving the covid19 lockdown

I gathered a few of my freelancer friends (Burt Lum, Brian Dote, Mark Soeda) to have a round table about how we’re surviving the covid19 lockdown in Hawaii. We’re all different at different stages/ages of #freelancelife, with:

–Burt Lum being the elder statesman of the group at a little over a decade freelancing.
–Mark and me representing the middle age freelancers, both us being about 3 or 5 years living the life.
–Brian being the “baby” (even though this is his second go at freelancing) having just started his latest freelance adventure a few weeks before the covid/corona situation erupted.

Check them out on their social media below:
Burt Lum
Brian Dote
Mark Soeda or

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How freelancers in Hawaii are surviving the covid19 lockdown

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