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DIY: PAI Honolulu’s Ho’o.Pai culinary kits

The stay-at-home orders due to the pandemic have forced many restaurants to think of creative new ways to keep cooking, and now PAI Honolulu keeps you cooking, too!

It’s hard for many high-end restaurants to facilitate take out. Their food is engineered to be eaten at a precise temperature, and the works of art just don’t travel well. But with culinary kits, which PAI recently rolled out, you can enjoy their food at the right temperature, and feel like you had a hand in making something fancy at home.

PAI’s first kit launched for Mother’s Day with a brunch spread, which included:
• Custard French Toast with Honey Thyme Roasted Strawberries, Shoyu Maple Syrup⁣⁣
• Housemade Fennel and Sage Sausage⁣⁣
• Herb Roasted New Spring Potatoes with Pickled Onion⁣⁣
• Chicken Confit & Braised Chickpea Stew⁣⁣
• Fresh Fruit Melange⁣⁣

PAI Honolulu’s Mother’s Day brunch kit. I added local blackberries to the fruits from the FarmLover’s market!

It was pretty easy to figure out how to prep and plate everything with the written instructions provided, but just in case, they also provide you with a short video by Chef Kevin Lee so you can follow along.

This was so good! I was already a fan of PAI’s custard French toast, so I knew I’d love it. But I was surprised to find that I really liked the chicken confit and braised chickpea stew, with the onsen egg. The stew was very tasty and well-balanced, with a subtle richness.

The following week’s kit was a little more challenging. The Chinese-themed menu included:
•. Slow Roasted Crispy Skin Pork Belly
•. Chilled Sesame Cucumber Salad
•. Dry Roasted Long Beans
•. Chinese Mustard Potato Gratin
•. Chinese-style Fresh Fruit Rolled Cake filled with matcha whipped cream

“Traditional Flavors” of PAI Honolulu.

This time, instead of using the written instructions, I relied solely on the video. This was super helpful because it showed me how to cook the pork belly properly.

This gave me quite a sense of accomplishment, as well as a beautiful, delicious meal. If you order these kits, they come in sets to serve two, four or six people, so you can impress your family and make them think that you pulled out all the stops for them in the kitchen.

Visit PAI Honolulu’s website to order or subscribe to the culinary kits — the menu changes every week, and pick up is on Saturday from 3 to 6 p.m. You can also order additional items, like wine or bread, to go with your meal.

SNEAK PEEK! Next week’s main dish will be Thai lemongrass curry seafood bouillabaisse. And the week after that, which is their third anniversary, the entree will be boneless black bean pork sparerib with strozzapretti pasta.

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