Brown butter fried egg spaghetti recipe

Here’s a quick and easy recipe from chef Will Chen, using items that are in the kitchen!

Brown Butter Fried Egg Spaghetti
Crispy Egg Whites, Jammy Yolks and Salty Nutty Butter. 💪🏽

• Cook Pasta in salty boiling water.
• Brown Butter over medium heat. Season well.
• Fry 2 Eggs and 1 extra White in Butter. Saving the Yolk.
• Add crushed Garlic to fry.
• Cover Eggs to cook Whites.
• Add juice of 1/2 a Lemon. Then the cooked Pasta.
• Add Yolk, some Pasta Water and toss to coat. Adding more water if too dry.
• Toss with Arugula and Black Pepper to finish.

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