Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Bologna tempura with John Iha

John Iha’s bologna tempura.

Today’s recipe actually doesn’t have measurements — chef John Iha of Gochi Grill recognizes that a lot of home cooks just eyeball quantities. You’ll have to watch the video carefully, but you can glean an approximation simply by what is shown.

Some background: One night, the guys were apparently drunk and hungry at Nocturna Lounge, but there wasn’t any food in the kitchen. There was, however, a package of bologna, so John made it fancy and filling by turning it into tempura, then topping it with tomatoes, herbs, and an easy citrus aioli.

Also, Brent Kawano, who is featured in this video, is a bartender, so he doesn’t know how to cook. He’s a great guinea pig!

For this recipe, you will need: a package of bologna, cut into triangles; Shirakiku tempura flour; ice water; a can of Sprite or, better yet, seltzer water or club soda; half a lemon or lime; mayonnaise; hondashi; one diced tomato; minced shiso; salt; a neutral oil (salad oil); chili pepper water; and nori tsukudani.

I asked John if we could substitute Vienna sausage or hot dogs, and he said that hot dogs would work, but Vienna sausages would be too soft. So keep that in mind if you decide to change up the recipe.

If you want to try John’s regular food, you can find him at Gochi Grill at 1111 Bishop Street. Follow John or Gochi Grill on Instagram!

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