Thursday, June 20, 2024

Mele Halia featuring Kawika Kahiapo at Waikiki Beach Walk

People often tell me “I wish I had your job.” and my typical response is “Yes, from the outside looking in I could see why you would think that but it is a lot more work than what you can see.”

Covering Mele Halia at Waikiki Beach Walk is one of those events where I can honestly say that I am very lucky to be doing what I do. Especially when it features such an incredible talent like Kawika Kahiapo who was the featured artist at Waikiki Beach Walk‘s Mele Halia on July 21, 2019. And event that we livestreamed on channel808.TV.

Mele Halia is a monthly series of Hawaiian music (and sometimes hula) performed live at Waikiki Beach Walk.

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