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Live Video Event: Dining in the Dark #dind @formaggio808 – Monday, 2/08/10 at 7:00pm (@cymrichang @melissa808 @nctrnlbst @neenz @noe808 @nukat)

A few Tweeps are headed over to Formaggio Grill in Kailua on February 8th for their first Dining in the Dark event, a regular Monday offering from Formaggio Grill in Kailua.

This is a special meal available only at Formaggio Grill in Kailua that is made up of four courses and four wines and served to the participants…who will all be blindfolded. By eliminating the sense of sight, one’s other senses are heightened, creating a unique dining experience.

For more information on Dining in the Dark, click here.

Reservations for Dining in the Dark at Formaggio’s Grill in Kailua are required and can be made by calling (808)263-2633.

Please check out our livestream video on Monday, February 8, 2010 at 7:00pm and watch @cymrichang (Cymri Chang) @melissa808 (Melissa Chang) @nctrnlbst (Ed Morita) @neenz (Neenz Faleafine) @noe808 (Noe Mendiola) @nukat (Mari Taketa) experience Dining in the Dark at Formaggio Grill in Kailua.

Disclosure: Formaggio Grill in Kailua is a client of AdStreamz, Inc. and the meals have been provided to the above-named participants of this livestreamed event at no cost.

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