Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Hawaii CinemAttractions Unlocks New Thrills with Chamber Escape Games’ Virtual Reality Experiences 

Visitors are now able to plug into alternate worlds, uncover ancient temples and protect space stations in this unique, immersive virtual reality experience 

Escape reality at Hawaii CinemAttractions’ brand new virtual reality (VR) escape room experience. In partnership with Chambers Escape Games, the venue has continued to expand its offerings, which currently include a 4DFX cinema and cosmic video arcade, to include premium, full-length VR escape rooms featuring advanced VR equipment and technology to create a truly immersive and interactive experience. Located in the Tapa Cinema at Hilton Hawaiian Village, guests can now purchase a ticket for the Chambers VR Escape Room at 4dfxhawaii.com/vr-escape. 

“Our VR escape room is a truly unique and immersive experience, providing our guests with an escape room experience like they’ve never had before,” said Mayuko Kimura, general manager of Hawaii CinemAttractions. “Whether you’re looking for a fun team bonding activity or simply a way to spend the afternoon — our new, first-class VR venue is the best place to do it.” 

Up to five players at a time can participate in each Chambers VR Escape Room providing an untethered experience with lightweight computing backpacks. Sessions run for 60 minutes, with 45 minutes of play and 15 minutes to set up and wind down. 

Guests have a choice to select from these three different game themes: 

  • Space Station TiberiaFloating in low-orbit, guests and their crew must restore power to a disabled space station to stop an incoming meteor from destroying Earth. 
  • Depths of Osiris: Dive below the surface of the ocean with a team of explorers to uncover an ancient sunken temple before oxygen runs out. 
  • Dragon Tower: Escape captivity from a medieval town, using wits and cunning (and a little bit of magic!) to avoid a fiery fate at the hands of an evil alchemist. 

Different packages are available with a single experience ticket starting at $40 per player. A two game per player package starts at $35, and a three game per player package starts at $30. For those who are craving more virtual reality fun there is also the option to select from add-ons for an additional fee including two 10 to 15-minute bonus games — the Hospital of Horror or Laserbots — that can be played at the end of the experience. 

Players can also purchase footage of their gameplay for $15 per group. The Chambers VR Escape Room is open to guests ages seven and up. There is a minimum height requirement of 48 inches (four feet) to play. 

Additionally, guests can enjoy Hawaii CinemAttractions’ fully-immersive cinematic 4DFX attraction that features motion-enabled chairs and sensory effects that enhance the visuals on screen. The cinema offers specially created 4DFX films including Adventure Quest Hawaii, a thrilling film that showcases extreme adventure sites around Oahu and Soaring Over Hawaii, a POV flight over the Hawaiian Islands. Guests can also enjoy Hawaii CinemAttractions’ cosmic video arcade that features classic retro stand up and seated arcade games, as well as an electronic drum set. 

Hawaii CinemAttractions is open daily from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. Booking is available through 4dfxhawaii.com/vr-escape. For more information on the Chambers VR Escape Room as well as Hawaii CinemAttractions offerings, visit 4dfxhawaii.com

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