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“Yoga on the Go” book brings mindfulness in minutes

I love the idea of yoga more than I do yoga. It’s just because I’m at a busy stage of life with work and family.

Courtesy: Offshoot Books

A simple little book reminded me, though, that yoga is a lifestyle and more than the asana (poses) that Westerners typically think of. “Yoga on the Go” is like my 200-hour certification course in one little 93 page book. Each page brings to life a lesson I remember Amanda Webster teaching our class, such as “swadhisthana.” Page 76 explains that swadhisthana is the second chakra and enhances pleasure and creativity. The exercise suggests you activate your chakra and then think about what might bring you pleasure. I look at a random page when I have time in the day, and then I think about the answer to the question and try to complete the exercise before day’s end. It’s easy for me to neglect jumping on the mat, but thinking of doing just one small page makes it less intimidating- and fulfilling when I’ve actually done it. My favorite page is 44, and I do it every day. “Being in the moment and being one with Nature is one of the many aspects of yoga,” the book teaches. Then it prompts, “Sitting in the lap of Nature, how does it feel?”

I love my meditation rock!

Every morning, I take my morning tea outside and sit in the yard on my favorite rock and contemplate the birds, the silence, the feel of the air on my skin and the grass under my feet. I try to think of nothing else but the energy around me. It’s a nice reprieve from the swirl of thoughts in my head and the obligations pressing me through the day.

And then I’m ready to go.

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