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Who Are The Aloha Keiki Bloggers?

We are a fun loving bunch of kids who happened to stumble upon blogging by chance!  As we were learning about the Plantation Era history of Hawaii and how it contributed to Hawaii’s unique local culture, we discovered how food was a huge part of bringing people together.  This started a mini research on famous local food items and we had an idea to make a food blog on Google Sites.  We got in touch with Aunty Melissa Chang of Frolic Hawaii:Urban Mixed Plate and she helped to get us going!

Aunty Melissa helping us to stage our food photos.


We also learned about the value of remembering the stories of our past and of our elders.  Hawaii is going through so much changes and we learned how important it is to preserve the stories of our past.  Writing is a way to record those stories.

A memoir written about Mrs. V’s Aunty Susan and her internment during World War II.

Soon, the opportunity to be a part of Hawaii: In Real Life came about.  We were so excited to take what we are learning in school and apply it to real life!  Our writing projects are now taking on a whole new meaning.  Mrs. V teaches us how to think about our audience and write in a way that will grab our reader’s attention.  We are really new to the blogging world, so thank you for joining us on our journey.

Giant Jenga one of keiki bloggers made for fun at home.
We love to build with lego.

Our class is an Ohana.  We love to tinker and investigate.  Learning is so much fun when you get to share with your friends.  Come along with us as we feature the learning trips we go on, the new things we learn, our discoveries, and our favorites.  Thank you for supporting us and for helping us to see how valuable writing is.  This is Hawaii through our eyes as a 3rd grader.  Stay tuned for our next adventure!




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  • Congratulations, Aloha Keiki Bloggers! I can’t wait to read about more of your adventures.

    • Thank you! We are excited.


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