Thursday, July 25, 2024
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What does procrastination mean?

I had to define “procrastination” for Olivia. Nine, you know. It happens a lot.

It was a conversation triggered by “what not to do” because there’s a whole lot of school-prep-frenzy in the morning, when there really doesn’t need to be. *sigh* Parenting.

I guess I’ve never used that exact word before? “It’s when you wait until the last minute to do something,” I said.

Smile, Husband, for the blog in which you’re to be made fun of.

“You mean like when you make me pack for a trip a month ahead, and Daddy packs an hour before?” she verified.

“Yes, that. Exactly that,” I affirmed.

That is a bit of an exaggeration, but that’s the gist. That’s pretty much our entire personalities, illustrated  through the example of trip packing. 

Funny how a child can sum up the whole of you with one little sentence.

4 thoughts on “What does procrastination mean?

  • It sounds like chris used to do that when we go Las Vegas , like we go to Las Vegas, I would pack early and chris will wait to till the morning we leave

  • I like to get things done as soon as I can, I don’t like rushing. My wife is the procrastinator, waits till the last minute and gets all stress out.

  • I usually pack the night before leaving but hey, I might have to wear something I packed.


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