Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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We Are Thankful For….

It has been a while, but Alohakeikibloggers are back! It sure has been a busy year. We decided to take some time to reflect on what we are thankful for. Being thankful truly helps you to see the good in any situation.

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I am thankful for my mom.  For example, my mom helps me to read.  When I have a hard time she helps with my homework. She cooks for me. Clearly, I am thankful for my mom. -Luke B.

A lot of times I hear people say mean names. They fight every time. God is kind and wants us to show love. Being grateful helps you to be a blessing to the world. Sometimes I am frustrated. I wish it would be better. However I should be thankful for my family, my sister, my friends, even Mrs. V. -Makai B.

I am thankful for my family.  One time I had a fever. I felt super sick. My family took care of me.  Without my family’s support I would be miserable. Without a doubt I am thankful for my family.    -E. Charron

Why do so many people shop instead  of being with their family? I feel that being grateful is to give love and kindness. Being thankful helps you to be kind and pray for peace and love. -Joseph D.P.

I am thankful for my sisters.  For example, Miah helps me do a handstands in the water.  Everytime Sophie makes up games with me and plays it. No matter what my sisters will take care of me.  As you can see I am so thankful for my sisters. -Gaby G.

I am thankful for my family.  For example, my grandma and my mom gets all my clothes and food.  Whenever I get sad my mom comforts me. No matter how hard it is she helps me.  -Nicholas G.

To sum it up, being thankful is a time to be with our family. You may think that on the holidays it’s all about shopping, but it is actually more better to be with your family! I urge you to stop wanting things that are not things that you need. Now it is the time to change your life and everything about what you are thankful for! You should be thankful for everything!   -Mio I.

Do you think people get a little overwhelmed by shopping?  I strongly believe that being thankful is something that needs to be done more.  When people are grateful, they think about others that are more important than shopping for new stuff. Being thankful helps people realize how much they already have!    Sometimes, I find myself wishing to have more stuff. On the other hand, I should be thankful for the most important things in my life like my mom, dad, sister, and last but not least, Mrs. V. -Christy I.

First I am thankful for my mom. For example my mom protects us. No matter how busy she is, she still spends time with me. Everytime I feel sad, she makes me happy. Next, I am thankful for my dad. For example, he took me to 711. He is very nice to me and our family. -Macaiah M.

Do you think that more people can be grateful for important  things? I strongly believe that being thankful is the right thing to do.  When people are thankful they look at life better. Being thankful helps you to see how many blessings you have. -Emma N.

Being thankful is a time for love.  What would you do if you lost your family that gave all their love to you?  Our world needs more people to care and love everywhere.  Now is the time to make the change. Show people who you really are and bring love to our earth.  Nothing is perfect. Everyone is different. -Anela O.

Which is more important? Family or being rich?  We need more people that give the love and care about other people. Now is the time to make the chang. You don’t have to travel anywhere. The gift is in your heart. -Sakura R.

You may think that you need more things.  However, you have to be thankful for what you have. The next time you grumble please stop!  I hope next time you’ll stop to remember how truly blessed you really are! -Keanu T.

To sum it up, being thankful is showing love.  What does love really mean to you? Our people need more love in this land.  Now is the time to change in our land. The special thing are your family and love. -Ryuma T.

I am thankful for my family. To illustrate, Mom and Dad take care of me when I am sick. Everytime when I am afraid  I think about them. No matter what they help me with homework like math. Clearly, I am thankful for my family. -Saraiah V.

I am thankful for my family. For instance, my family and I play games. We go to church on Saturdays. At church we pray to God for all of our family. My family is my greatest blessing. -Joshua Y.

First, I am thankful for my Dad.  He helps me deal with problems. Without my Dad, I would get angry at everything.  Life would be worthless. Next, I am thankful for Mom.  For instance, she helps me with my homework.  I remember Mom comforting me after getting picked on.  She also cooks my favorite food from scratch. -Loki Y.

4 thoughts on “We Are Thankful For….

  • So sweet! And so full of love!

  • So beautiful everyone!!
    I love how you all expressed your heart of thanksgiving towards your families!!
    Thank you!!

  • Aloha Mrs. V’s class❣️ These are precious words of appreciation for the people who help you everyday. Keep them coming and ensure that these words you have eloquently written are also spoken to your loved ones. All the time. Spread kindness and more will come your way. 🤗

  • I have tears in my eyes!


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