Monday, April 15, 2024
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Urban encroachment in South Bay forces wildlife into suburbia

Coyotes and cougars now regularly stray into my old ‘hood in San Jose. I lived in Campbell, to be exact – my parents owned a house there for ten years – near San Tomas Aquino and San Tomas Expressway.

We’ve been friends for so long with our former neighbors, the Hiroses, we consider each other family at this point. Whenever I go back, they organize a dinner. We are blessed with their friendship.

I was surprised when they told me there’s so much development, it’s forcing the wildlife into the neighborhoods to seek food. Here’s a recent article about it from their major daily newspaper:

I enjoy visiting my old home, and have many pleasant memories of life there – and I’m glad none of those memories include looking out to see a cougar in our backyard.

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