Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Ty’s Day Rave

While on a typical street photography adventure, I hear “Oh! You’re a photographer!” and that’s how I met Ty. I wasn’t looking to shoot portrait, but when someone as interesting as Ty comes along and is more than willing to be on camera, you just shoot. He recommended that I go talk to his friend to shoot club events and also gave me a personal rave demonstration “What’s your favorite EDM song? What about Britney? You like Britney?” I’m not sure if he heard me say that I can’t do the motion blur shots he wanted being that you know, it’s day time, but he had fun taking off his shirt and whipping his hands in front of his face anyway. I got this nice shot as a result. And I learned a few things — like I don’t really know any EDM songs at all. In the end, I said I had to continue taking shots because I was losing light, and extracted myself from his friendly, frenetic conversation by walking away. Though that didn’t stop him from continuing to shout out recommendations on what’s best to cut with ecstasy. It was pretty hilarious, especially as several groups of tourists passed by us. I saw him later chatting up a tourist lady in a wheelchair — already with his shirt off again. I think she was amused.

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