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Together is……Poems for Peace

This will be the second year in a row that our class will enter the Honolulu Star Advertiser Keiki Day Writing Contest.  This contest is done in partnership with PACT (Parents and Children Together), a family service agency.  Last year, we were honored to have one of our classmates win the 3rd Grade writing division.  This year’s writing contest theme is “Together”.  We were really inspired to write what the word together meant to us.  Here are some poems that we wrote.  -Mrs. V


By: Joshua L.


Spending time with your loved ones

Talking stories

Hanging out

Respecting each other’s differences

Making a great team

Making someone else special

Spending time with dad

Spending time with mom

Spending time with brother

One whole


Together with my Dad

By: Julien P.

Together is spending time with your dad

He warms me up in baseball

He sticks with me to the end

He helps me build cars and toys

He quizzes me so I can do better

He plays with me outside

He’s the best dad you could dream of

No matter what even if I done something bad he will still love me

He bikes with me to baseball

He plays with me in the park

I would risk my life for him

Together is….

By: Lucas A.




Without one piece the whole thing won’t work

Working together

Putting others before you

Taking care of others

Treating people the way you want to be treated

Helping those who need help

Sharing with others

Humble and not rude

Not judging people by how they look

Paying attention

Not greedy about things


By:  Luke B.

Meeting new people

Playing with my brother

Include everyone

Not thinking you’re the best

Help everyone

Loving my family

Being with all my family members

Playing with my soccer teammates

Putting scattered pieces together into one whole

Each stitch in a quilt



By: Mackenzy Y.

Helping  your family

You can change the world

Playing with each other

Spending time with my brother Ky

Eating lunch at Shimazu‘s

Laughing with each other

Watching your family

Believing all things like hope

Love in your heart

Having a dream

Putting all your parts to do one thing

Making people healthy

One whole of your part

Trust your heart

Asking questions

Putting family first before you

Together is……….

By: Shayne B.

A special time to be with my family

Collaboration with a team

Playing basketball with my friends and family

Putting legos together

Building a house with my family

A school of fish

A flock of birds

Building a car engine with my dad

Playing football with my team

Building a puzzle together

Hiking with your family or friends

Together is……….

By: Rylee I.

Our class ohana


Sharing ideas

Spending time with mom

Ohana circle in class

Putting the one you love in your heart

Doing it together as a team

Telling people how you feel

Going to my next door neighbors house

Having love in your heart

We need more kind people

Sharing how you feel

Playing with my older sister

We need to take care of earth

Respecting each other

Being proud of someone

Sticking together

Sharing your love with everyone

Being thankful for other people



By: Tehya L.

Spending time with family

Eating dinner with family

Talking stories with sister

Family first myself after

Watching what I say


Respecting each other

Seeing the best in everyone

It doesn’t matter what’s on the outside it just matters what’s on the inside

Keep moving forward

Staying positive

Help others


Faith in each other

Hope for the best in each other

Sharing different ideas

Ohana circle at the end of the day

Knowing that I am special and everyone else is too

Be honest if I do something wrong

Laughing to my mom’s jokes and rolling around having fun

Together is…

By: Madelynne F.

Loving all the people you know


Being  together

Being helpful

Putting family first

Keep moving forward

Not think you are the best

Helping others

Do the right thing even when you are mad

Being happy

It starts with you

Staying on the good side

Being yourself

Being a helping hand


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