Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Tipsy trick-or-treating is the trend?

Do you notice more parents drinking alcohol while taking their children trick-or-treating? Apparently, it’s a thing that I just became aware of.

Let me say that I don’t drink alcohol, simply for lack of interest. It makes me tired and headachey. I used to enjoy a social drink in my single or childless days, but after pregnancy, I stopped drinking entirely and never regained the taste or tolerance.

I was taking Olivia around for trick-or-treating when we bumped into a mom friend. “We rushed out of the house and I forgot the beer!” she moaned.

“Beer? For what?” I asked. 

“To make this bearable! Everyone does it!” she answered, amused at my ignorance. 

“REALLY?” I gasped.

“Yes! Don’t you see everyone with the coolers?” she laughed.

I’ve seen people pulling wagons with coolers. I really thought it was full of juice boxes for the little ones. I have never thought to question the contents.

I found my husband in the fray of the group of friends we were walking with. He was ahead ten paces.

“Claus! Guess what! Did you know people DRINK while they walk around?” I gossiped.

He looked at me as if I’ve been living in a cave, which I guess I kind of have. Which is probably a horrible thing to admit since my job now – and for most of my working life – has been as a news professional. I’m supposed to, you know, be aware of what’s going on?

Face palm. OMG, I am so naieve! 

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