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Three Camera Ideas for Next-Level Family Photos

As the saying goes, “the best camera is the one that you have with you.” This is especially true when it comes to capturing spontaneous family moments. I invited Ricky Li, a professional photographer onto my YouTube vlog channel, “Dad Man Vlogging” to discuss camera options. He shared three camera ideas for next-level family photos.

Smartphone Camera with Moment Lenses

The first camera Ricky pointed out was none other than the modern smartphone. He recommends using Moment lenses with your smartphone to enhance its optical capabilities. Today’s smartphones are equipped with very good cameras. Some even boast higher megapixels than full-sized DSLR cameras. The proprietary Moment phone case allows you to attach interchangeable lenses such as their telephoto, wide-angle or macro lenses to your smartphone. The advantage of using these kinds of add-on lens is that it maintains your phone’s image quality while giving you more options on lens capabilities.

Advanced Point and Shoot

The second camera he focused on was his Panasonic LX10 which is categorized as an “advanced point and shoot.” It’s the basic shape and size of those “generic” $150-$250 compact cameras that everyone seemed to own not too long ago. Unlike those basic models, this one is packed with superior image capabilities that put it on par with full-sized DSLR cameras. For that reason, an advanced point and shoot will run you from about $700 to $1200. It includes an impressive built-in lens that can generally go from 24mm to 72mm, or even up to 200mm in a small form factor. The advanced point and shoot is a dedicated camera. But it’s easy to carry in your pocket and packs the same punch as a system that weighs 10 times heavier. And its lens and advanced features have an advantage over most smartphones. Unless you’re a professional photographer, a serious enthusiast, or a total poser, who wouldn’t want that?

Mirrorless Camera

The third camera we discussed was Ricky’s new Canon EOS R mirrorless camera. It’s a smaller camera system that weighs considerably less than his old DSLR system. But it’s still much larger than the smartphone or a point and shoot. He recommends mirrorless cameras to people who want superior image quality, advanced features, and lens options. For families, he says that full-sized mirrorless cameras are best used in a controlled environment. What this simply means is that the lighting is predictable and you won’t need to keep switching lenses. For parents of young children, I know what you’re thinking. “Controlled” and “young children” doesn’t always go hand in hand. Trust me, I get. I feel ya! But if you don’t mind some extra bulk and want more power, the mirrorless camera might be for you.

In the end, despite all the different gadgets and technology we discussed, we came to one recommendation to help families take better photos. That recommendation is… to always keep your cell phone camera lens clean. Because chances are, that’s the camera you will always have on you anyway.

Hey, it’s a saying for a reason!

Thanks to Ricky for collaborating with me on my vlog! I was also on his YouTube channel “Ricky Li” where we discussed retro gaming. So watch both our videos and please subscribe to our channels.

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