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The Universe is Calling You

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As I write this, the world’s in crisis from the coronavirus pandemic, and tensions and fear run high. In my own state, we’re in the middle of a five-and-a-half week shelter in place order, which has most people edgy, cooped up, and anxious over money.

That’s why the message of Char Margolis’ book The Universe is Calling You: Connecting with Essence to Live with Positive Energy, Love, and Power seems more important than ever. Margolis is a psychic, which means, she says, she’s had the privilege of seeing different dimensions of life, and the purpose of it. She wants to share her knowledge with you.

Char Margolis. Courtesy Paul Smith.

The book introduces readers to the concept of a vital energy she calls Essence, “the fundamental, living, intelligent, loving energy that makes up the entire universe and everything beyond it,” including your soul and spirit.

Margolis shows readers how to tap into the power of Essence and draw strength and wisdom from it. It can be as simple as closing your eyes, focusing on your breath, and feeling the sense of subtle energy in your body. It’s there for you – you just have reframe your thinking to find it.

“Living in Essence shows us how to deal with fear, with crisis, with catastrophe. When we are connected with our inner truth and divinity, we can face our fears and either overcome them or use them as the warnings they are,” she encourages. “And while living in Essence does not mean we are immune to the challenges of life, it does give us a rock upon which to stand as the waves of crisis and catastrophe wash against us.”

She also addresses the idea of change, which “comes into our lives to teach us valuable lessons.” Almost everyone I know, including me, has had their lives and routines upended by COVID-19. How do we best flow with the change and the uncertainty that comes with it?

Her advice is to connect with yourself – your Essence – to hear the answer. If it’s in your belief system, use prayer.

“Sometimes the biggest lessons of unexpected challenges are trust and faith. We can’t know everything that Essence has in store for us, and we can’t really know the lessons we are meant to learn until we see our lives as a whole,” she says – prescient advice that’s so relevant to today’s challenges.

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