Thursday, June 20, 2024
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The Kindness Rocks Project in Honolulu

If you see bright, painted rocks with positive messages lying around public spaces in metro Honolulu, it may be the work of my friend. I’ll call her N since she asked to remain anonymous.

N started doing this in March, after the coronavirus pandemic started. She says she saw Kindness Rock pictures on Pinterest and thought it was a great idea to spread kindness around town. “There was so much negativity. I just wanted to do something nice,” she explains.

A lifelong crafter, N bought a 50 pound bag of river rocks and went to work. She has a full-time, essential-work job, and a family, so she only does this in her spare time, whenever that is. At this point, she’s painted about 40 rocks.

She left some around her work building, and her boss actually recognized N’s handiwork and told her she thought it was a beautiful idea, and that it cheers her up to see it on the way in to the building every day. Mostly, though, N will just drop it off anonymously if she’s en route to a store or an appointment.

If the rock stays there, great. If someone thinks it’s pretty and wants to take it, great. As long as it makes someone happy, she’s happy. She doesn’t want credit for it. She simply wants to bring a smile to someone’s face.

Her cousin offered to pay for it, but N believes money would sully the pure intent of spreading joy. So if you like them, you can either paint one for yourself, or keep your eyes peeled for a pretty, inspirational stone on the ground. Feel free to take it. The only payment required is that it makes you happy.

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