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The holidays bring seven Scandinavian houseguests

I have seven people staying with us this winter, over a total of six weeks. I might be crazy, but I’m excited about it! 

For three years, we’ve had our usual snowbirds come from Sweden to stay for six or seven weeks. It’s our ex-nanny, Christian, and his girlfriend, Yuki.

Christian and Yuki
Christian and Yuki

Christian lived with us for four years and lived in Hawaii for decades, so hosting them is easy. They are self-sufficient housemates. We think of them as family.

The second set of guests is a Danish family of five. It’s Claus’ BFF from high school, Svend, his wife, and three kids around Olivia’s age. She’s excited for the company, though I am not sure how fluent the kids’ English is.

The Danes will be here for eight days, and during the time the Swedes are here. I find a little humor in the situation because, they tell me, Scandinavians today societally bicker like siblings. There’s history: There were 11 Dano-Swedish wars between 1521 and 1814.

Claus and Christian, aka Olivia's two daddies
Claus and Christian, aka Olivia’s two daddies

Not that this group will be quarrelsome, but the thought gives me a chuckle. What will be more interesting is the bedding and space situation in my very average, middle class dwelling. Here go the holidays!

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