The First ParkRat’s Paradise Ride Video!

This is a first attempt at combining my love for riding my motorcycle and using a 360 video camera to capture those rides. This ride was actually from Kaimuki to Kalama Valley, but that would have been way too long a video even at a higher rate. As it is I know it is kind of a long one, but hey, better to do SOMETHING than nothing at all.

I am currently riding a Zero S Motorcycle that is all electric. The range on it is a pretty decent 98 miles. BUT that depends on whether I am riding on the freeway for most of the ride or if I am on surface streets.

The video camera I am using is a GoPro Max mounted mostly on my handlebars using a RAM mount clamp.

In any case, check it and let me know what you think! Comments and suggestions are welcomed. I may not listen to them, but they are welcomed.


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