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The Farm Fair is Family Time

Whenever my son sees farm animals he always shouts out excitedly, “farm fair!” Such was the case last night when he saw a video of cows and chicken on TV. His next question after that is usually, “Can we go to the farm fair?” He is already looking forward to the next farm fair in 2020.

This year marked the 57th annual fair. It was held on July 13 and 14, once again at Kualoa Ranch on the Windward side of Oahu. They’ve had it at the ranch for the past several years, and I can’t imagine the fair being anywhere else.

Watch our fun day at the 2019 Hawaii State Farm Fair

There’s no better opportunity for the whole family to unplug than to have some good old fashioned fun in the country. We’ve taken our son to the Hawaii State Farm Fair three years in a row including the one that just concluded this year. It has become a yearly tradition for our family. He loves seeing the animals, playing with the hands-on exhibits and eating all the delicious food. His mom enjoys looking at all the plants and the fresh produce for sale. As for myself, I’m all about the food and enjoying the country vibe.

Hawaii State Farm Fair sign post
Hawaii State Farm Fair sign post

Unlike an ordinary day out somewhere or staying home playing games, the educational value for our youth makes the day at the fair worth it. Children experience and learn first hand about agriculture and the farming industry. For my wife and me, we can see our son’s progression by recalling his experiences each year at the fair. The first year we took him, he was still in a stroller as we walked around. Last year he was fascinated with all the animals, especially the chicks. This year he couldn’t get enough of the hands-on activities, riding the toy tractors and even wanting to try the bigger rides. Who knows, maybe next year he’ll enter the pie-eating contest!

While the 2019 Hawaii State Farm Fair has already come and gone, the memories are sure to last. I suggest to all parents to be sure to take your family next year. There’s so much to do, learn and of course, eat! You won’t regret it!

Organizer: Hawaii Farm Bureau
When: Annual event during the summer ( usually in July)
Location: Kualoa Ranch
Cost: Free for children and students / $5 for adults

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