The CPU has Ryzen

While all the pieces in this build would make a kick ass gaming machine, which I’m not going to lie is one of the reasons for it. This Ryzen CPU is uniquely positioned to be a content creator’s workhorse CPU. I can export 150 20 megapixel images in Lightroom in 11 minutes down from almost 30~45 mins previously. I haven’t fully run benchmarks yet, other than my lightroom test but that’ll be later on in this build log. Let’s get on to the meat of this blog piece, everything has finally arrived, if you follow me on instagram you would have seen the picture I posted yesterday. If you missed it, here’s the part list again, if you want to build a system similar to this I’ll make a PC partpicker list at some point:

After the picture was taken i realized I forgot to include two items, the first being the Corsair RM650i smart power supply which intelligently only draws as much power is needed by the system. So while it’s rated at 650Watts on average it’s only using between 100 and 200W. Also not pictured cablemod c-series modflex cable kit. However, here’s a picture of the cablemod modflex cables I posted a week or two ago. 

Cable mod cables

They sort of look like this when installed in a system:

If you can spot the easter egg in this picture, you’ll know why this isn’t going to be an ordinary build. This will be the first time I’ve truly ventured into case modding, other than that time I spray painted a beige box shades of purple for my sister back in the early 2ks. Thankfully pictures of that ube colored thing don’t exist. Though I was proud of it at the time. Anyway come back in a couple of days to see what mods I made to my case. Here’s a teaser:


PC part picker list of most of the things in my build. You can save money by not getting the fans, a cheaper case, a B series motherboard, less ram and a Ryzen 5.

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