Sunday, July 14, 2024
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The Boba Tea Project: DIY home brewed tea

The lovely Beth Hillyer is herself addicted to boba, so she learned how to make it at home. When I told her we are into it, she invited us over for a tutorial!

She bought:
Tapioca Pearl balls, brown and white
Popping boba balls, mango flavor
Instant powder, honeydew flavor
Black tea bags

Now, it’s not rocket science, but there is a tiny, tiny bit of technique to making the tapioca at home. We made the honeydew flavor powder with tapioca balls. You simmer the tapioca for 45 minutes until it’s chewy-soft. Add some honey to the water. (That part, I wouldn’t have realized.) Mix the powder with water to taste, add balls, drink. We enjoyed it, and the only reason we didn’t have our favorite (black tea with milk) is because I didn’t want caffeine at night.

The popping bobas are flavored, and burst in your mouth. I am not crazy about that. I throw them in the acai smoothies when I make those.

Luke and Lane

I don’t know where you can buy the pearl balls because she got it at the commissary. I also don’t know where to buy tapioca flour, because Olivia is a baker and can make it if she could get her hands on the right flour. I suppose I could research all of this more but right now I haven’t time for that.

So there is your boba tea review, from our kitchen!

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