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Sweden: The fourth longest country in Europe

by Olivia Hansen

Hey, everyone! I’m back and I have some friends, too. I’ll be interviewing Christian. He’s from Sweden.

Malmo, Sweden, where Christian and Yuki live. Courtesy: Yuki Mizuno

He says that only up north it snows. He lives in the south and it rarely snows there. Sweden is famous for being the fourth longest country in Europe. It would take 19 hours to drive from top to bottom, and about four hours by flying. Imagine how much gas that takes!

I know him because he babysat me when I was little. He comes every Christmas with his girlfriend, Yuki. She comes about a week after Christian comes.

Autumn in Sweden. Courtesy: Yuki Mizuno

I was interested in Sweden so here’s what I learned: Forests cover over 50 percent of Sweden, there are 100,000 lakes, and over 24,000 islands throughout the country. Sweden’s Right to Public Access laws allows those areas to be fully accessible to the public.

A traditional crayfish party (kraftskiva) is a summer eating and drinking celebration in August. It involves boiled crayfish served with boiled potato and dill.

Evening in Sweden. Courtesy: Yuki Mizuno

Did you know that the main sports are soccer and ice hockey? I did not. Some other popular sports are hand ball, golf, gymnastics, and cross-country skiing. 

I’m pretty sure I want to go to Sweden now!

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