Monday, April 15, 2024
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Staycation During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Are you wondering when you’ll be able to get away for some R & R? I was wondering the same thing as I’ve been cooped up in my house like most of us and haven’t gotten on a plane or travelled anywhere off this island since February. Because a 14-day quarantine mandate is in place for our State, the next best thing is a staycation in our own backyard.

I was so ready for a staycation so I booked a room at the Hotel Renew in Waikiki over the 4th of July weekend. I had a fabulous time resting & relaxing, but also playing tourist. I have to admit, it was a bit strange without any tourists walking around, but also nice & quiet. The beaches, side walks, hotels & restaurants in the area were empty and although I know this hurts our economy, it was great to experience it and it was kind of nostalgic like how old Hawaii probably used to be.

As most of you are thinking when booking a staycation, will it be safe? I was definitely thinking the same thing and to make me feel comfortable, I checked out the website for their CDC guidelines and they have a Peace of Mind Promise which is a pledge to deliver the highest standards of cleanliness from the check-in process to the in-room experience. Below information was taken from their website at

The hotel features the following:

  • Individual HVAC units in suites for fresh air
  • Staircases as an alternative to elevators
  • Windows that open
  • Private exterior entrances
  • Self-park in private garage
  • Uncrowded public spaces

Our Peace of Mind Promise health & safety measures start at check-in:


• Masks must be worn by all guests with complimentary masks available. Staff members wear masks at all times and participate in daily health checks.
• Front Desk experience has been updates to include plexiglass dividers and physical distancing markers on the floor and front desk.
• Enhanced cleanliness procedures are in place including frequent cleaning of door handles, the front desk counter top, room keys, elevators, and public restrooms.
• Hand sanitizer is available at various locations throughout the hotel, including the front desk, lobby, pool, and public restrooms.
• Elevators have a maximum capacity of two guests. Our nine-story building offers stairs as a contact-free alternative to elevators.
• Self-park is available for $35 per night in our secure on-site parking garage.

Guest Experience

• Housekeeping procedures pre-stay include vigilant disinfecting of rooms with particular care towards high touch items and hard surfaces. Housekeeping unfortunately is not provided during stays. 
• Guest requests, including linens and towels, will be delivered to the door to minimize contact

Hotel Renew General Manager Adrian Perez
Hotel Renew waiting area
Hotel Renew Lobby
Hotel Renew room
Beautiful Waikiki Beach at night

Although there was no fireworks & no events going on in Waikiki during my staycation, I’m so glad I got to experience a peaceful Waikiki because I know sooner or later, it’ll get back to being busy & crowded again.

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