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SpaHalekulani’s Visiting Master Series teaches uplifting techniques

SpaHalekulani is excited to announce this year’s Visiting Master, Mariko Hiyama, a highly skilled practitioner and instructor of the Sorensensistem™ Facial Reflex Therapy.

MARIKO HIYAMA, Facial Reflex Therapist & Instructor. Courtesy: SpaHalekulani

“Sorensensistem™ Facial Reflex Therapy is a concept combining oriental medicine, needleless acupuncture techniques (Zone Therapy) and neuro-anatomy. This is a modern and effective therapeutic method, which is carried out with hands and stimulates reflex points and zones on the face and the scalp. The therapy helps tackle dis-ease within the body and balance the organs and systems such as endocrine, lymphatic and circulatory. The ultimate effect of the Sorensensistem™ Facial Reflex therapy is to enhance our own natural balancing & healing mechanisms in our body and mind,” explains spa director Kamala Nayeli.

Courtesy: SpaHalekulani

In addition to the Reflex Therapy, Hiyama incorporates a technique called Japanese Cosmo Face Lifting, specifically for enhanced cosmetic appearance. These techniques will also be taught in a workshop on Saturday, September 23, and are incorporated into the Reflex Therapy private sessions all week.

SpaHalekulani Visiting Master Series 2017. Courtesy: SpaHalekulani

September 17-28, 2017

Introduction & Demonstration: Sept 24 – Kalia Room (1 – 2 p.m.)- Complimentary
Japanese Cosmo Face Lifting Workshop: Saturday Sept 23 – Kalia Room (10 a.m. – 12 p.m.)- $65/per person
Private (80 min) Facial Reflex Therapy & Face Lifting Session: Daily – SpaHalekulani (beginning at 9 a.m.)- $250/per person

To learn more about Mariko Hiyama:

For information about the Sorensensistem method:

To sign up, contact SpaHalekulani at (808) 923-2311 (x 5322) or visit

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