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Sandals made with yoga mats are zen for feet

A footwear company that makes sandals out of yoga mats is launching a new collection this spring, right here in Hawaii. Nalho makes espadrilles that incorporate memory foam under the yoga mat insoles. The thongs are colorful cotton straps that hold the shoe firmly in place.

Nahlo “Ganika” in grey/silver metallic. Courtesy: Nahlo

Espadrille designs called “Velvet Ganika” and “Goa” will be released in March 2018, at stores on Oahu and the Big Island. 

Nahlo kicked off its line at the Miami Swim show in July 2017, introducing its Ganika Espadrilles. Lightweight and ultra-comfy with plush, yoga mat foam insoles, these sandals have soft, cotton, stretch fabric in an assortment of brightly colored hues. 

The company offered to let this yogi sample a pair, so I got this style in metallic grey/silver, and I was – pun intended- knocked off my feet by how comfortable they are. They are now easily my favorite sandal because it feels like I’m walking on a cloud.

The first day I wore them, I was at work for 12 hours. They are stylish enough to wear on a more casual day at the office, or at a social outing.

I actually wanted to keep walking on them because that memory foam makes my feet feel so good. The cotton straps are really snug so I thought I’d get a blister, but I didn’t. This all surprises me. 

I’m guessing they’re great for travel because they can be dressed up or down, and used for walking a lot. I’ll test this on my next trip.

I will caution that my arch hurt for half a day the following day. I think it’s because it’s SO soft, when all my other shoes are firmer. (I’m including running shoes in this category, not just fashionable work flats.) I rolled it on a yoga ball and it was fine the next day.

Nahlo “Karabi” in gold. Courtesy: Nahlo

The other current line is “Nalho Karabi” which have cotton straps that tie up your ankle. The straps come in the same variety of colors (solid or metallic) as the Ganika line. 

Courtesy: Nahlo

The company says its espadrilles are “designed to reduce physical fatigue and easily slip-on and off of the foot” because the “form-fitting memory foam design helps to ease pressure from the ball of the foot, absorb heel shock and provide arch support, therefore removing stress and preventing any sort of discomfort and pain (for both the short-term and long-term).”

More about Nalho at www.nalho.com.

Nahlo is carried at:

Kahala Resort
5000 Kahala Avenue

92-1467 Allinui Drive in Kapolei

Studio 55
68-1330 Mauna Lani Dr, Suite 406 in Kamuela on the Big Island

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