Sunday, March 3, 2024

Mahalo new subs, mahalo Ryan Ozawa & Burt Lum

So I got caught in the Youtube Partnership demonetization thing, but there was an added layer of complication for me. Because I didn’t meet the new threshold for a vanity youtube address, I was in danger of losing the link I’ve been using since 2009. But Mahalo new subs, mahalo Ryan Ozawa & Burt Lum for getting me over the #100hump so I can keep my address. FWIW, it was never about the monetization for me, I don’t care about the $2/yr I was making, but there’s something not cool about this situation. It’s like youtube has decided small creators like me aren’t worth supporting and we’re being lumped together with the rest of the garbage they don’t want on their channel. I played by the rules for years, never had a violation or a strike, and I’m being rewarded by being shown the door because I don’t measure up. Well that’s ok, as the saying goes, just keep swimming.

I hate shamelessly asking for subs, but could you dear reader, subscribe to my channel with the way youtube is punishing small creators like me, who knows what the next punishme… I mean reward tier they’ll impose.

Well here’s a pretty picture, because I have no way to close this post.

Kualoa from the air by Ricky Li on



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