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Retired LA pastor hopes his spiritual experiences inspire others

Are different dimensions or parallel worlds real? Human nature generally reacts with skepticism to things we can’t see or explain. But according to Dr. Pieter Noomen, these other dimensions do exist.

The native of the Netherlands says he has experienced many visits to the other side over the last quarter century. Noomen explains that his personal spiritual path widened substantially, unexpectedly, and sensationally about 25 years ago. “As factors involved I see: being unhappy with my own neglecting to think things through; learning new introspection methods; getting older and events in my personal life,” he shares.

Already a man with a strong spiritual background (a Ph.D. in theology and pastoral psychology led him to work as a senior minister of three Protestant churches), Noomen immersed himself more deeply in spiritual endeavors, which eventually led to his “direct, personal connection with the One Who Is Life It-/Her-/Himself,” he details.

The 88-year-old scholar recorded so many visits and conversations with “One Holy,” the “I AM,” the “Creator,” our “Heavenly Father,” he decided to create a website to share the information. He hopes his readers will come away with the idea, “If someone like him was given the possibility to be in direct contact with the full, the Real Reality, while still on earth, then it must be possible for me, too.”He prefers to direct attention to his writings, though, and not himself.

As websites go, this is densely-packed site with neatly categorized information that would lend itself nicely to a book. It’s probably not possible – at least not for this writer – to get through the website in a day or even a few days.

The concepts are not mainstream, and require reading and then mulling over. He even admits in Writing 4 that it’s “different” and has trouble processing the “weirdness.”

It’s extremely interesting, though, and I definitely admire the altruistic intent of the website. One of the passages that sticks with me is the idea that Mother Earth is healing. That’s a common concept in Western society, but Noomen’s presentation takes the idea of nature’s energy a step further.

In Journey 2 (, the spirit guide hands him a rock to hold and asks him, “Are you willing to consider that this rock loves the touch of your hand and that it wants to give you the most precious thing it possesses, its love?” Noomen says yes, and concurs that the rock feels accommodating.

It’s a beautiful thought. It makes me think a little differently when I look at a flower or walk on grass. 

This website is Noomen’s effort to make the world a better place, and he hopes the words he shares as a messenger for “the I AM” will help each and every reader to personally connect with the life force and the I AM within us. To quote his page entitled Writing 4, “Only the connection with eternity’s driving forces of love and authenticity make things on earth genuinely good and beautiful.” That’s a mission hard to take issue with, no matter what religion you hew to here on Earth.

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