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Popular poop emoji becomes real toilet plunger?

This is so funny, I have to post this. I know my child will ask me to buy the plunger if it gets developed.

Courtesy: Squatty Potty’s Kickstarter page

Squatty Potty, known for its development of the Squatty Potty® toilet stool, has a Kickstarter campaign in order to gauge demand for a poop emoji toilet plunger, open now through August 23. The campaign is seeking a goal of $70,000 and will run for 30 days. There are five options to choose from in the Kickstarter campaign, including a discount for the first 100 pledges. The product fulfilment will begin shipping in September 2017.

Robert Edwards, CEO and Co-founder explains, “When you use a Squatty Potty stool, you will most likely notice more of a load in the toilet. Thus, the need for a toilet plunger. In keeping with our brand humor, a poop emoji plunger was the only way to go.”

Squatty Potty, a family owned business, was founded out of necessity to relieve colon health issues which Judy Edwards, mother of seven, had suffered with for years. Squatty Potty believes the toilet plunger is a perfect companion to address the increased elimination volume which can come when using a Squatty Potty toilet stool.

You know the Squatty Potty® toilet stool. It’s the commercial with the unicorn pooping rainbow-colored soft serve ice cream. The YouTube video came out in 2015 and garnered over 130 million views to date.

Find the Kickstarter campaign at

For more information, visit Connect on social media @squattypotty, #squattypotty, #poopbetter.

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