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Parents and Children Together Honolulu Star Advertiser Keiki Day Writing Contest

As part of the Parents and Children Together (PACT) and Honolulu Star Advertiser Keiki Day writing contest, the AlohaKeikiBloggers entered our writing.  The topic was about heroes.  What is a hero?  Do you need superpowers?  What makes a hero?  Who is your everyday hero? 


My Mom

Written By: Kaimana C.

Our community needs positive reports.  Do you know of a positive report that will help you?  My mom does have superpowers but she is a mom.  Moms have a lot of power because they give love and life.  My mom is my hero.

Every night, my mom helps me with my homework. When there is a tricky question I don’t understand she takes the time off to help me get the answer.  Whenever I have a project she makes sure I turn it in on time.

Secondly, my mom is a blessed person.  When I want to have a sleep over on the weekend she will always try to make it happen.  If I want to ride my bike she will say yes unless she’s busy.

Finally, my mom lets me do things.  If I want to ride my skateboard to the park and back she will say yes.  When I want to eat out she will say yes.  If I want to have my birthday at Ice Palace she says yes.  I am so blessed to have my mom.

In conclusion, that is why my mom is my hero. She will do anything to make me happy.  When I grow up I will be my mom’s hero.  I will take care of my mom.  I will be there for my mom like she is always there for me. Nothing is more important than my mom.  In my heart you will stay there for the rest of my life.  When you need my help I will help you and I will always be your son.

Author Kaimana C.

My Sister

Written By:  Marie M.

Even though my sister does not have superpowers or a cape she can still do anything and so can you.  Do you have everyday heroes in your life? My sister Camille is my everyday hero. She is kind, helpful, and caring.

First of all, my sister is a kind person, she is always smiling. Her smile is like sun shine.  Camille is always responsible like a good big sister. She teaches me to never give up. Camille makes time for playing with me.

Next, my sister is helpful. When I have a hard time, Camille sometimes helps me with my homework.  She talks to me when I am sad.  Even though I don’t see her often, she finds ways to take time off to visit.

Finally, my sister is caring. She is nice all the time. My sister is strong like me. She thinks about me when she is at work I think and I hope.

In conclusion, that is why my sis is my everyday hero. Never forget about your loved one. Nothing is more important than your loved one. You should always thank your loved one when you see them and what they have done for you. I Love You Camille!!!                              

Author Marie M.


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