Thursday, February 29, 2024
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New pooper scooper makes an icky task easier

There’s a new pooper scooper on the market, Bleu Paw, that promises to make a gross chore bearable. 

Bleu Paw scooper. Courtesy: Bleu Paw

Made by Circle Products, Inc., a Miami-based consumer products innovator, the scooper is designed to work with every type of plastic bag on the market. You slip a bag over the claws, and the sticky roller over the handle ensures the bag stays in position while you grab the poop.

As if not touching dog poop isn’t enough of an incentive to want to get this, the sticky handle also is a lint roller meant to remove fur from clothing. 

Courtesy: Bleu Paw.

“Bleu Paw was developed because I was tired of stepping in dog poop from owners who neglected to pick up after their pets near my home,” explains Vincent Smith, CEO of Circle Products, Inc. “I figured, if I offered a better and less gross way to pick up poop – dog owners would love it. After all, it’s never a pleasant experience picking up poop but our product makes it easier.”

It has a small LED light on the handle for nighttime walks, and a carabiner so it can clip onto leashes, strollers, backpacks, and the like. It’s just over a foot long, so it can be easily stored in purses and cars. 

The company also teamed up with the United States Police Canine Association (USPCA) and with Disability Assistance Dogs to donate one free device to a K-9 officer or the owner of a service dog, with every purchase. 

Bleu Paw is $16.95. More at

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