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New book teaches how to make a crystal grid

My daughter and I enjoy playing with crystals, and as a yogi, I’m predisposed to believe in energy and intention. When offered a chance to read and review the new book “The Ultimate Guide to Crystal Grids,” I said yes.

The Ultimate Guide to Crystal Grids. Courtesy: Judy Hall

Written by Judy Hall, which the book bills as the world’s leading crystal expert, it is a very comprehensive guide that shows novices and seasoned crystal practitioners alike how to construct crystal grids to create, heal, and manifest goals and intentions.

Firstly, as a dabbler, I had never heard of crystal grids before. As I’ve learned, it’s basically taking the energy of all combined crystals and the power of sacred geometry to help you achieve what you want. I think of it as an energetic multi-vitamin.

You place stones in a geometric pattern in order to meet your goal. It’s your intention that sets the stones into action.

Hall breaks it down to explain that shapes have meaning. A circle, for instance, is a “pure form without beginning or end” (page 14), and offers you unity, completion, protection, boundary, initiation, and healing.

A spiral, on the other hand, is the genesis of life. As such, in a grid, the helix creates an energetic vortex that spins energy to draw it in, release it, or radiate it.

Hall then goes on to describe how colors affect the grid. Page 19 says, “Vibrant ‘hot’ colors energize and stimulate, while paler colors tend to be calming and ‘cool.’”

She lists what the different colors mean. Black, for example, is “strongly protective” (page 20) while lavender/ purples “resonate with the higher crown chakras” (page 21). This is good, because I didn’t keep a list of what I own, so I ended up some picking rocks based on their color, rather than their geological name.

The book explains how to set up a grid. In short:

-Cleanse then charge the crystals.

-Clean the space where you’re going to lay it out.

-Activate the grid with your intention.

-Use your intuition to know when to dismantle it.

Use the grid for simple goals like removing a headache (page 132), something more generic like energizing and revitalizing your life (page 68), or sending healing energy to a disaster-stricken area that needs it (page 180.)

She’s quite thorough in offering simple and advanced grids, and suggesting stones to use in each. Hall also defines the chakra points (chapter three), which is helpful for those who want to balance certain body parts or energetic components. Example: the throat chakra governs communication and self-expression, and is represented by the color blue/turquoise.

Our custom energy grid using urchin and opihi.

The combinations are endless, and Hall even suggests on page 40 that you can create your own after you feel comfortable. Olivia and I ended up going off-menu by using the pentagram design (page 58) but then using shells we found in the ocean, because it’s meaningful to us.

The pentagram is supposed to attract abundance, so we’re looking forward to now winning the lottery. Seriously, though, we each visualized what we want to attract this year!

The Ultimate Guide to Crystal Grids

by Judy Hall

Paperback, 192 Pages, $24.99 US, $32.99 CAN

ISBN: 9781592337811


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